MSVarietyAvg. Yield† bu/aMoist. ‡ %Ballard 6/11§Calloway 6/14Cannon 6/17Crockett 6/9Dyer 5/10Franklin 5/16Gibson 5/6Giles 5/26Henry 6/14Obion 5/6Perry 5/16Trousdale 6/13Warren 6/6Weakley 5/16
Average (bu/a)63125658685567447576636564626465
A*Mycogen 5N433R267125059727473467781666868736267
ABBayer CZ 418166125762725674478080736562646966
AB***Dyna-Gro 31RY4565126655765967466878626363766669
ABBeck's 453R465126661606167457875676667606574
AB*Warren Seed DS434065126154705770457979616561707065
AB*Dyna-Gro S43RY9565125764705371467578626766616966
AB**Mycogen 5N452R264126267715567417278626363716367
ABProgeny P4211RY64125256715771457984676860586068
ABNK S42-P664126659683872417569676876695965
ABTerral 45A4664126165675765488475476764616167
ABSteyer 4402R263125560575570447678596578666264
ABNK S45-R763125365705668477479676470646249
ABWarren Seed DS422563126452665467458576586961476573
BBayer CZ 459063124864706563436982626775575856
BCroplan R2C 400063125561635069487874636263606764
BCArmor 44-R0862125752665866447680656458586365
CDCroplan R2C 434559124152625262426973646268526361
DEBeck's 433R258125248714861436868616448496763
EProgeny 458854124546724952396260605351575959


† Yields have been adjusted to 13% moisture.

‡ Moisture at harvest.

  • Planting date.

Each variety was evaluated in a large strip-plot at each location, thus each county test was considered as one replication of the test in calculating the

average yield and in conducting the statistical analysis to determine significant differences (MS).

Varieties denoted with an asterisks (*) or (**) etc. were in the top performing group for consecutive years.

MS= Varieties with any MS letter in common are not statistically different at the 5% level of probability.

Data provided by Ryan Blair, Ext. Area Specialist, Grain and Cotton Variety Testing, and the extension agents in the counties shown above.