(26 VARIETIES X 12 Locations)
Yields of 26  soft red winter wheat varieties evaluated in 11 County Standard Test in Tennessee during ’16/’17.

MSBrand/VarietyAvgYld bu/aMOIST %TWT lbs/buChester 11/3Dyer 11/1Fayette 11/11Franklin 15 11/21Franklin 7.5 11/10Gibson 11/7Henry 11/2Lake 11/9Madison 10/26Moore 11/2Weakley 10/18
AProgeny #Boss90.212.256869292781316996761038585
ABUSG 353687.712.95680948583122709063989389
AB**USG 340487.612.954899691701336182761048874
AB**Warren Seed McKay 12086.912.956939392711247487631047679
ABCAgriPro SY Viper86.613.254839673811236694801077771
ABCDAgriPro SY 54786.313.556849079781256892701017785
ABCDArmor Mayhem85.613.05585969287102729366996288
ABCD**Dyna-Gro 952285.613.2558397103711266293641007766
ABCDECroplan SRW 960685.012.9538510272751236977711038474
ABCDEDyna-Gro 975084.212.8547510072851016582791059270
ABCDEF*USG 389584.112.855851007072123659266997379
BCDEFGBeck's 12583.313.156819879781265888711046369
BCDEFGWarren Seed McKenna 31583.112.553809583701155781611039278
BCDEFGHBeck's 12082.912.855849687671157079671027571
BCDEFGHArmor ARW 157582.713.25279956469113669873977682
BCDEFGHStratton Seed AGS 205581.712.85582929160109598070988572
BCDEFGHCroplan SRW 941581.313.154809585651236388591016868
CDEFGHIDyna-Gro 977280.112.55377897884119578971955865
CDEFGHIArmor Menace80.113.55481948266114746871947762
DEFGHIUSG 319780.013.053749282771056782721027752
EFGHIDyna-Gro 960078.913.05270887083106597389899250
EFGHIDyna-Gro 922378.913.25490938054112717358968851
FGHIWarren Seed McKenna 32577.612.451869783561106377581038239
GHIProgeny P24377.312.75376897969116678164937542
HIStratton Seed 205976.412.754739163801165780571026655
IProgeny P35773.712.453868680491065176451037553

Yields have been adjusted to 13.5% moisture.  Each variety was evaluated in a large strip-plot at each location, thus each county test was considered as one replication of the test in calculating the average yield and in conducting the statistical analysis to determine significant differences (MS)
MS=Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not statistically different in yield at the 5% level of probability.
Varieties denoted with an asterisk (*), or (**), were in the top performing group in 2017 and 2016, or 2017- 2015, respectively.
Official test weight of No. 2 wheat=58 lbs/bu. TWT = Avg. Test Wt. lbs./bu @ 10 locations.
Franklin Co. had two separate locations with different row spacings.  15in., and 7.5 in.

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