Hybrid§CST and REC Tests Avg. Yield bu/aCST and REC Tests Avg. Moisture %CST and REC Tests Avg. Test Weight lbs/buCST Tests Avg. Yield bu/aCST Tests Avg. Moisture %CST Tests Avg. Test Weight lbs/buREC Tests Avg. Yield (n=4) bu/aREC Tests Avg. Moisture (n=4) %REC Tests Avg. Test Weight (n=1) lbs/bu
Croplan 5290DG (VT2P/RIB)20316.557.117815.357.022817.857.1
Croplan 6640 (VT3P/RIB)19916.358.717415.058.022317.659.3
Warren Seed DS 9513SSX19717.654.518115.754.021319.555.0
AgriGold A6499STXRIB19716.956.118315.557.021018.455.2
Beck's Hybrids 6158AM* (RR/LL)19715.058.217414.657.021915.459.4
LG Seeds LG5618VT2RIB19616.358.617215.159.022017.458.2
Beck's Hybrids 6365AM* (RR/LL)19416.656.017515.355.521417.956.4
AgriGold A6442VT2RIB19415.757.717115.157.521816.457.9
Terral-REV 23BHR55 (RR2/LL/YGCB/HX1)19116.455.117115.356.521217.653.7
Augusta 5062 (V3110)19116.858.416415.458.521818.158.2
NK Seeds N59B-3111A19016.356.416815.555.021117.057.7
Warren Seed DS 9610 (3000GT)18915.958.517414.858.020517.058.9
Augusta 4959 (V3110)18916.158.516915.258.520917.158.4
Steyer 11306 VT2PRORIBC18815.857.517715.157.519816.457.4
Warren Seed DS 9412SSX18616.552.317415.555.519917.549.0
Warren Seed DS 9110RA18316.055.116815.355.519916.654.6
Mycogen 2Y744 (RR2)18316.054.117615.155.019016.953.2


  • If a trait appears inside parentheses i.e. (RR/CB), then it is not part of the hybrid name. For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 28.

†All yields are adjusted to 15.5% moisture.